Trailer Park | My First Love


The trailer for the upcoming romantic drama, My First Love, will debut next week on BET. The film shows a couple in turmoil and the effects that it has on them and their circle of friends.

Directed by Mark Harris (Black Coffee), My First Love is the story of a married couple with serious marital problems. Where there once was devotion, a notable distance grows between husband and wife. But why?

Follow along in the story, the ups and downs, to see how a husband’s refusal to monitor his use of electronic devices plays a major role in his marriage. In a world of social media and technology, will he rediscover his first love? Each movie lover will be impacted.

The film stars Pooch Hall and Gabrielle Dennis and co-stars Kiki Haynes, Brely Evans, Kendrick Cross, Ajiona Alexus, Judi Blair, Malachi Malik and Carl Anthony Payne II.

My First Love airs on Monday, March 16 at 8pm on BET.

Check out the trailer below: