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What is it about James McAvoy and sex? His latest film, Trance has engaging in more conventional relations but his next film will push the limits as he channels his “Bad Lieutenant” in Filth.

The NSFW trailer is an ecstatic montage of McAvoy’s crooked detective Bruce Robertson engaging in all sorts of questionable behavior, from sordid sex to drugs to all kinds of debaucherous hooliganism. The trailer is framed by a conversation with Jim Broadbent as a psychiatrist. The cast also includes Jamie Bell and Imogen Poots.

FilthMuch like Harvey Keitel’s dirty turn in the Abel Ferrara classic, McAvoy appears to be having a lot of fun digging into such non-conventional but controversial work. The film has the potential to be a ballsy, wild cult classic.

The film doesn’t have a solid release date in the UK or over here yet, but you can check out the trailer below:

Check out the trailer below:

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