The Get Down (Recap) | Darkness Is Your Candle (S1 E3)

by Chancellor Agard | via Entertainment Weekly

The Get Down‘s third episode might be the most solid one so far. This is mostly due to the final musical sequence, which lasts about 10 minutes and pulls at several heartstrings as it delves into what’s troubling some of our characters.

Following what happened in the church, Ramon kicked Mylene out of the house and now she’s living with the Kiplings. Zeke and the Kipling brothers are currently doing everything they can to raise money so they can buy turntables and records. Zeke even agrees to do some work for Leon, which doesn’t go well. Meanwhile, Shaolin starts working for (and sleeping with) Annie again, and receives a task from Cadillac: Make DJ Malibu’s car disappear.

The Fantastic Four Plus One comes across a Grandmaster Flash bootleg tape and decide to use it at their own get-down party to make some money. Boo-Boo pretends to spin while the tape plays for the party guests. The bacchanal seems to be going well until a group of guys — hired by Grandmaster Flash to stop parties like this from happening — break up the party, take the money, and trash the Kipling salon in the process.

Following the party, Zeke finds himself in a pickle. Mylene wants him to accompany her to her demo recording with Jackie, while Shaolin wants him and the rest of the Fantastic Four to cruise around in DJ Malibu’s car. It’s funny because he was recently on the outs with both of these people, but in the end, he chooses to go with Shao.

As has been the trend on The Get Down, reality hits the Fantastic Four Plus One and breaks their revelry when they discover the body of a Savage Warlord in the trunk of the car. However, that bit of harsh reality forges a stronger bond between the guys. “We’re brothers now. We’re the get-down brothers,” says Zeke, vowing to take down Cadillac when they get the chance.

Meanwhile, Mylene heads into Manhattan to meet with Jackie. The recording session doesn’t go well — frankly, the song Jackie found for her sucks, not to mention Jackie’s coked out of his mind. However, Jackie’s tantrum in the studio is interrupted when the blackout hits. The end of tonight’s episode takes place during the New York City blackout of July 1977, which threw the city into chaos and led to rampant looting and fires.

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