Snowfall (Recap) | The Day (S2 E2)

by Zoe West | via Fansided

This week on Snowfall several characters had realizations of mortality and chose to live their lives to the fullest. With different results.
When Pedro showed up at the end of the Snowfall season 2 premiere, drama seemed imminent. After all, the last time Lucia or Gustavo dealt with him, they killed his father. But perhaps that’s just expected in the line of work, because he was only there about money, really. It sounded like he might have reformed a bit too: He had apparently met someone he wanted to marry. But who knows if that will actually happen.

Franklin was ambushed and captured by Teddy last week, and a bit beside himself when he woke up. It was one of the few times (so far) that we’ve really seen him lose control. He almost seemed panicked, fearing what was in store for him, fearing for the well-being of Leon who was taken with him, and who knows what else. This may have been his lowest point since coming into money/influence/the drug trade.

Teddy identified himself as Reed and threatened them both with some kind of cattle-prod. It wasn’t entirely clear what information he wanted. It seemed more like a power play than anything else.

By (what seemed like) the next morning, people had finally realized that Leon and Franklin were missing. But they were still stuck in the warehouse. Lucia was also looking for him, albeit just to get ahold of his drugs. Though his people were at loose ends, they didn’t tell Lucia he was missing and promised to connect her to him.

In the warehouse, Teddy was running out of patience. He wanted to get Franklin under his thumb somehow. He ultimately put Franklin under enough pressure by threatening to kill Leon that Franklin offered to sell drugs for him (essentially taking Avi’s place). It took a bit to convince Teddy that he had the ability and connections to sell the quantity required, but he did, and a wonderful relationship was born. That was sarcasm.

In Franklin’s absence, there was a bit of a power vacuum in his so-called business. The promise made to Lucia did not go over well with all involved. But some of that conflict may have just been stress because Franklin and Leon were still missing. Luckily Leon did show up before violence really kicked up, and he was able to at least promise that Franklin was all right and that he would be around shortly. It didn’t reassure everyone, but it did ease tensions a fair amount.

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