Reel Shorts | My Cousin Rachel

by Tim Gordon

After the untimely death of his beloved cousin, a man vows to seek revenge on the woman who he thinks caused his death – except he becomes entwined in her womanly charms in the British drama, My Cousin Rachel.

Living on his cousin’s Ashley Ambrose’s large country estate, Philip (Sam Claflin) was thrilled when he informed that him that he found and later married the alluring Rachel (Rachel Weisz) while on vacation in Italy. But soon Philip begins receiving troubling correspondence from Ashley that his new bride may be trying to kill him.

Before Philip can get to the bottom of the issue, he receives word that Ashley has died of a brain tumor. Hurt and vowing revenge on the woman responsible for Ashley’s demise, Rachel, slowly he falls into her alluring web when she comes to live in on his estate.

The film plays like a court case presenting two sides as Rachel begins to exhibit suspicious behavior that has Philip convinced that she is trying to kill him too. But the fact remains, is it true or is it all in Philip’s mind?

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