Power (Recap) | Time’s Up (S2 E9)

by Whitney Evans | via TV Fanatic

It was always leading to this, right?

There have been many deaths on Power since it’s inception, but tonight packed one wallop of a punch as we lost someone who has been with us from the beginning.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Power Season 2 Episode 9, this is the time to stop reading. A review about the penultimate episode of Power Season 2 can only start at one place.

RIP Shawn.

While never my favorite character, it was still a shame to see him go in such a gruesome manner. Was it predictable? Sure. I assumed it was coming, as did many commenters, but it didn’t make the final scene any less gruesome.

I never believed that Shawn was going to go through with Kanan’s plan to kill his Uncle G, especially after that botched attempt in the car. So it was all the more surprising when Shawn showed up at Truth with a gun pointed at Ghost’s skull. The tension of the scene was brilliant, even though you knew there was no way Ghost was going to die.

The most important moment for me was Ghost finding out that Shawn and Tasha had a relationship. I believe that is going to alter Ghost’s relationship with Tasha even more than his relationship with Angela.

How badass was it to see Ghost take the gun from Shawn like it was nothing? Ghost can be one scary dude sometimes, but you could really see the rage in his eyes as he stood over Shawn and screamed at him to leave town. If only Shawn had just taken his advice and left right away.

Instead he just had to see his father and get in one last parting shot. He just didn’t realize that shot would be his last.

“But you right about one thing. I ain’t your motherfucking daddy, cuz you don’t deserve to be my son.” – Kanan [to Shawn]

In case it hasn’t been clear enough all season, I hate Kanan. He just murdered his son in cold blood and showed absolutely no sympathy. Ghost better bring him down. Hard.

Besides that killer ending, there was a few other major happenings, including Tommy’s imprisonment and a wicked showdown between Ghost and Angela.

Let’s start with Tommy, who was behind bars for most of the hour, unsure of who he could really trust.

Tommy: Who the fuck are you?
Proctor: An angel of mercy. Now shut the fuck up and sit down.

Proctor (with a silent assist from Ghost) worked feverishly to get Tommy acquitted, while the feds did whatever they could to get Tommy to flip on Lobos. While Tommy is many, many things, a snitch he is not. That became quite apparent to the feds when the appearance of his mother didn’t even cause him to bat an eyelash.

We haven’t been graced with many Tommy and Angela encounters, but their basement meet up was a classic. The best exchange being each’s assertion that the other one messed up Ghost’s mind. It’s plain as day that Angela has done a number on him, but is it possible the man he’s become has a lot to do with Tommy’s influence?

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