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It is not often that after almost 30 years in the business that I am genuinely excited and intimidated to interview a subject, but such was the case when I sat down with one of the strongest writers in Hollywood, Aaron Sorkin to discuss his directorial debut, the thrilling drama, Molly’s Game.

Sorkin’s words have pierced the ears of American’s audiences for over 30 years with such classic onscreen work as A Few Good Men, The American President, The Social Network, Moneyball, and the engaging biopic of tech giant and visionary, Steve Jobs. While Sorkin’s imprint on film is undeniable, it is his work on the small screen that has dwarfed his cinematic work. Think President Andrew Bartlett in The West Wing, his engaging look at the morals and ethics of the team on Sports Night, the behind-the-scenes look at a group of sketch comedians on the short-lived Studio 60 on the Sunset Script, and his most recent series, the riveting drama, The Newsroom.

One of the elements that have long been a personal favorite is Sorkin’s rapid-fire dialogue and intelligence that he brings to every project he works on due to his endless research that he engages in to bring so much authenticity to his projects. His latest film, Molly’s Game, finally got long-time screenwriter into the director’s chair. During the interview, Sorkin discusses the forces that finally converged which led him to finally being comfortable enough to take the “big step.”

Just a little background, my interview with Sorkin was the final interview of the day for his press tour here in town. A cloudy, overcast day, Sorkin was dressed in his signature light khakis, collared shirt with a sweater and immediately he was at ease. Perhaps it was the fact that he was warmed up from prior interviews or the fact that I mimicked, successfully, Sorkin’s dress (due to the time of the season, I did NOT wear the light khakis). His expression absolutely lit up when I invited him to “google himself!”

Working with a limited amount of time, Sorkin was eager to share useful and entertaining tidbits about the story, even offering an EXCLUSIVE, which you’ll hear him discuss during the interview. From his teasing about journalists to the funny discussion of the Sorkin’s look being described as the “All-American Male” and “Fashion Icon,” we found him as entertaining and engaging during our interview as his film plays on screen. I’ve always been told that you should never meet your heroes, but as a writer and one who has no issue acknowledging others with a “strong pen game,” meeting Sorkin did nothing to diminish the appreciation I have for his natural talent and ability as a writer.

Check out the interview, below:

      Conversations | Aaron Sorkin

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